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What are Baby Boomer Style Vacations?

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - July 12, 2012

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Baby Boomers are known for being one of the more active senior generations in several decades. The Boomers, who are also known as the Silver Tsunami and Golden Boomers, bring a new change to the face of senior living and senior lifestyles. Assisted living and independent senior communities are changing the way they offer services, adding new services and making efforts to upgrade their communities with Boomers in mind. They are not the only industry changing either. The travel industry is also changing to accommodate baby boomers. How are they adjusting and what are baby boomer style vacations?


Baby boomer vacations are all about freedom. They offer a variety of vacation package choices and personalized options. Popular travel packages start off with the basics. The packages offer hotel accommodations, a continental breakfast and a dinner. Any other vacation choices are available in different package options. The perfect baby boomer vacation is about allowing the person to choose what they are interested in, what they want to do and let them have the flexibility to change options once they arrive.

Exotic Destinations

The Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls are great destinations, but Baby Boomers want to see more. This is the generation of finding yourself through backpacking across Europe, living on communes and traveling to Buddhist temples. The travel industry has started to realize this fact and are offering exotic destination packages that fit a baby boomer budget. A popular vacation package is reliving the backpacking craze by visiting Europe all over again. This time, however, boomers can enjoy the same sites they did in their 20s with the added bonus of luxury hotel stays and fine dining.

Active Adventures

The Baby Boomer generation does not just sit around and watch the world pass them by. They stay active and they enjoy every second of it. Travel agencies, resorts and destinations are now offering travel packages that give boomers the active adventures they are looking for in their retirement. Bicycling in Vermont, climbing mountains in Colorado, and enjoying the ranch life in Wyoming are vacations that appeal to the boomers. The more active the vacation the more appealing it is. These type of vacations are what makes baby boomer style vacations appealing.