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Ways for Seniors to Reduce Senior Living Costs

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - September 10, 2012

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Senior living can be a very costly endeavor. In fact, some seniors have faced a rising cost in senior living that has exceeded their retirement savings. In a recent poll it was stated that households with individual 65 and older have an average of $36,000 a year in total expenses. This amount far exceeds the cost of many assisted living communities. For seniors who are facing these rising costs, lowered benefits and budget issues here are some ways that may help. These are just a few ways for seniors to reduce senior living costs after they have hit retirement.

Senior Community Transportation

Senior communities such as Holiday Retirement offers senior community transportation. This is a low-cost transportation option with many benefits. Holiday Retirement seniors can enjoy free transportation to and from appointments, errands and outings. Seniors who utilize the services at select senior communities will not have to worry about only being able to use transportation services for scheduled appointments. These transportation services are offered daily whenever a senior would like to use the shuttle. In fact, at some locations holiday retirement the senior community transportation is offered every hour via holiday retirement shuttle.

Inclusive Utility Options

Seniors who are looking at assisted living communities may be interested to know that some communities do not offer inclusive utility options. For seniors who are on a budget and are looking to use their retirement savings to the maximum extent, finding a senior living community that has all-inclusive utilities for affordable rate or as part of an all-inclusive monthly fee is vital. An all-inclusive utility option which is included in an all-inclusive monthly fee through specific senior living communities may save the senior couples and individuals as much as 50% throughout the year.

Food Budgeting

An average couple in the United States can spend upwards of $400-$600 a month on groceries. This high cost can be staggering when a senior couple or individual is looking at assisted-living as an option. For seniors who are on a retirement budget the option of finding an all-inclusive senior community that offers two full meals a day plus snacks during the day can be a lifesaver. This means that seniors would only need to purchase food for one meal a day, which is generally lunch. Any special foods that the couple would like, snacks or extras would be the only purchases they would need to make. This can reduce the food budget to as little as $200 or less per month while the rest of the food budget is supplied through the senior living or assisted living community.