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Transportation Alternatives for Seniors

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - September 28, 2012

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Seniors and baby boomers hitting their retirement years may find it transportation is increasingly difficult for various reasons. There are is a myriad of reasons that seniors have issues with transportation. Some of the maybe physical related, some of the may be related to illness and some of the transportation issues may simply be related to the inability to drive longer distances for various appointments. Regardless of the reasons for transportation difficulties there are alternatives for seniors to consider in order to arrive at doctors appointments, go shopping or maintain other appointments including church organization meetings.

Senior Center Transportation

senior centers and larger cities and in some rural areas will usually offer a senior center transportation program. This transportation program is generally available during the normal working hours of the senior center and only requires that the senior sign up for the program. Seniors can participate and weekly schedule shopping trips. They may also be able to sign up for transportation to and from doctors appointments, organizational meetings and areas other transportation tasks they need to take care of during the week. The senior center transportation services generally provided by the senior center or volunteers for the senior center and is done at no additional charge to seniors.

Senior Area Transit

there are various senior area transit systems available throughout the country. Some cities may offer the most part of the regular area transit Authority while other more rural areas may offers specialty senior area transit systems in the forms of cabs and buses. There may be a small fee for seniors or the city may sponsor a particular style grant program that will allow seniors who are eligible to gain senior area transit passes for the mantra for the year. These senior area transit organizations will help seniors get to and from doctors appointments, hospitals, various community activities, shopping and to pick up various prescription items.

Assisted-Living Community Transit

assisted-living communities, retirement communities and senior communities will offer a transit or transportation system. Depending on the type of community the transit and transportation system may offer daily transportation to various local areas, doctors offices and appointments. Other assisted-living communities and retirement annuities may offer scheduled transportation depending on the residents needs. There may also be a special assisted-living community transit that operates on a 24 seven basis. This is something that is operated and maintained through various assisted-living communities and can be checked and reviewed by residents through the administration office of the community.

Church Outreach Programs

there are various church outreach programs, such as Catholic charities, that may offer area seniors transportation to and from medical appointments, shopping, medication pickups and various other appointments. These church outreach programs are either very low-cost or free of charge depending on the church organization in the volunteer effort that is applied through the church. Church outreach programs will have a flyer up on the community board and may also have information in the church office.