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Things to consider when looking for assisted living or nursing homes

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - April 27, 2011

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If you are planning to seek the service of an assisted living facility for your loved one, you may want to consider these three points enumerated below before finally deciding which home care is best for your loved one. 

But first, let me explain to you further about assisted living.  There are many options available when it comes to the proper care of your loved ones.  These options vary according to the level of needs that your loved ones require.  Nursing Home options are usually available to seniors requiring a high level of monitoring and personal care.  Most nursing homes feature services like grooming, bathing and dressing, a regular consultation with a physical therapist and a registered nurse caring for your loved one.  On the other hand, assisted living facilities and residential care homes mostly offer the same level of care and services.  Both offer the same degree of autonomy to the senior and both offer the same assistance in meal preparations, doing grocery shopping errands for the senior and a lot more.  The only glaring difference between these two options is that home care gives the senior more intimacy because of the relatively smaller scale that these facilities are being managed in.  Because of this intimacy, residential home care offers a more personalized and individualized attention to the seniors, which is usually no longer available in assistance living facilities.

Things to consider when choosing assisted living senior homes

Proximity – Most families opt for these senior care homes to be near and accessible.  This enables the families to spend quality time with their loved one, in a more regular manner.  Also, choosing a close to home senior care facility makes the transition easier and more comfortable.  Seniors will no longer find the change more stressful if they know that their loved ones are just nearby and are able to visit anytime.

Services Offered – The usual assisted living facilities offer personal care services like grooming, bathing and dressing, meal preparations, supervised medication, doing household chores like laundry, cleaning, and making up beds and running errands for the senior like grocery shopping.  Although the overall concept of assisted living is the same across all facilities, others may offer more in terms of services or care.  Talking to the senior and finding out his or her preference will help make the transition run more smoothly because of his/her involvement in the decision making process.

Price /The cost of these availing – the services of these facilities may vary according to the services offered as well as their market positioning.  Before looking at the cost, see first if your insurance policy includes continuing care in assisted living conditions.  Also, when looking at your options, make sure that you get the highest value for your money’s worth.  Be wary of choosing the most expensive facility as cost is not an indication of quality service.

Preparation and sufficient research is needed to ensure that choosing the right facility for assisted living is achieved.  Being able to find a match for the need is already an indication that you indeed have to choose the best for your loved one.