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The Changing Face of Senior Living Sales

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - June 19, 2012

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Senior living businesses and service providers are being forced to change their sales methods in order to gain respect from the Baby Boomer communities. Recent poll results pertaining to businesses who cater to age groups 55 and over, have shown a decline in recent years. This decline is due to several factors including slow economy, unemployment rates and most importantly the way that sales professionals promote their services. Just as assisted living and other senior communities must change the way they offer services and housing the senior services business must also change.

Target the Promotion

For decades cold calling and “shotgunning” have worked well to get results. The theory was based on the large scale of potential consumers and clients. If you send out cold calling to a large sampling of people you will hit more than you miss. The problem is that with a slower economy the potential consumers and clients has dropped drastically. A full range cold calling spectrum still gets sales but you waste your time with a lot of unnecessary correspondance. For better targeting keep to the cold calling but focus on a smaller sampling that is geared to the service being offered. There’s no need to promote to a group of 20 year olds when you offer services for 55 and over.

Update the Service

A service is only valuable if it is still a necessary service. If you are a senior living community who is promoting open residential opportunities your opportunity should encompass what people are looking for. Does your community offer housekeeping services? Is there private Internet access provided as part of the monthly resident fee? What kind of dining options do you offer? Is the area pet friendly? Do you offer independence instead of curfews and regulations regarding visitors? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and update where necessary. If your service has not had a facelift in more than a decade then it’s time for a change.

Be Flexible

It is understandable that some services are just not flexible but there are services and senior business options that have flexible options. Listen to what the clients and consumers have to say and work within the boundaries of your limitations and theirs. Find a common ground and offer what you can. Be honest about your limitations and show them that you are willing to help them get the care or service they need despite the limitations you are facing. You will earn respect and referrals.