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Short Term Rehab Care Options for Seniors

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - May 9, 2013

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Seniors who are dealing with an illness or an injury may need extra help with being able to recover back to their original quality of life that they enjoyed before the current changes. Although some may speculate that people can recover and rehabilitate on their own without ever needing assistance, it is more necessary for older individuals who are having difficulty with working towards their previous capabilities. Likewise, although friends and family may be able to assist in this goal, only optimal recovery can be achieved if individuals are willing to get treatment from medical professionals.
There are many different types of rehabilitation services that are available on a short term basis for seniors to enjoy and make use of. These can include respiratory therapy, nutritional counseling, meal preparation, therapeutic recreation, and various types of therapy. Therapy can include occupational, speech, and physical therapy. Having professional guidance from medical staff during these times can ensure that seniors make the most out of every session and work more quickly and efficiently towards their rehabilitation.  For this reason, a doctor may recommend this option for seniors who are seeking to become active again as soon as possible.
Some short term rehab care can be performed within the home, though it depends on the preferences of the individual. If the senior is not able to make it out to local facilities or get around to some of the meeting locations for these rehab treatments, it may be better for them to get the therapy at their home. However, there are many facilities which are able to offer short term rehab care to people on a regular basis as well. Some seniors prefer this because there are events and other situations that also allow them to encounter other adults which may be able to relate to their situation. Generally the facilities which offer short term rehab care provide a variety of different services; however there have been a few which have focused primarily on the goal of rehabilitation.
Depending on the circumstances, the services for rehabilitation of seniors may be covered by Medicare. It depends on the type of treatment, the length of the treatment, and where the treatment is being ran. It is possible that the program will not be able to cover the costs of the entire rehab service. However, seniors can generally cover this by using another insurance plan or considering the option of paying for the service out of pocket. As a whole, ultimately it is between the doctor and the senior to discuss the main use of these services and how the costs will be handled.