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Services Offered with In-Home Assisted Living Programs

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - July 23, 2012

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In-home assisted living programs offer many of the same care options as assisted living communities. Personalized plans are designed to help a senior or loved one with assisted living tasks throughout the day, overnight or on a full-time care plan schedule. Before a family, senior or loved one considers in-home assisted living programs as an option, they should first understand what services are available to help create the ideal assisted living care plan.

Daily Living Tasks

There is one set of tasks that all assisted living programs offer to their residents or patients. This set of tasks are considered daily living tasks that everyone participates on a regular schedule. These tasks include assistance with bathing, grooming,dressing, eating and bathroom hygiene. These are standard with the majority of care plans and can be adjusted as needed. For example, someone may need only transportation to and from appointments and help dressing for those appointments. Later the same person may find they need assistance with bathing and eating. The care plan can be easily adjusted to accommodate those needs.

Prescription Management

There are several misconceptions regarding what, exactly, prescription management is. In-home assisted living care tends to place prescription management under several categories of assistance. Prescription management can mean reminding the resident or patient that medications need to be taken at specific times during the day. However, if the patient or resident needs a breathing treatment the administering of that treatment can also fall under prescription management. Another form of assisted living services that fall under the title of prescription management is prescription ordering and pick-up. This means that the caregiver will call in prescriptions, pick-up prescriptions and maintain the prescription schedule for the resident.

Household Assistance

Household assistance and assisted living programs may call this full-time or companion care. Household assistance means the caregiver will perform all the household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, organizing professional cleaning services such as carpet cleaners and handling the day to day tasks of the home. These tasks are done in addition to the assistance with daily living tasks such as bathing and grooming. In essence, household assistance, provides the resident or patient with a full range of care in all aspects of their lives. A caregiver is a housekeeper, personal chef, errand runner and assisted living caregiver all in one. This type of service may cost slightly more than other assisted living care options but the benefits are far reaching for a senior who may not be able to handle these tasks with the efficiency they once had.