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Seniors Benefit When They Shop Around For The Right Retirement Community

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - July 10, 2011

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If you can get buyer's remorse from buying a car then you could certainly get buyer's remorse from picking the wrong retirement community. After all, this is where you're supposed to be spending the rest of your lives; what if you make the wrong choice? This is why many seniors are taking their time with making this very important decision. In many cases, spending a few extra months considering all your options can help make an informed decision that you won't regret. That certainly happened to recent retiree Don Mason down in Louisiana. As he recently told the Shreveport Times, Mr. Mason had no plan move into Bossier Parish’s Willow Lake adult community, but that's exactly where he his wife ended up and they couldn't be happier.

Pick the Right State For Your Savings

Retirees might not realize this but moving to another state and establishing residency there could actually help your retirement savings account. That is certainly the case in Louisiana where there are some very beneficial tax incentives for retirees. It was also the safe environment and that strong sense of community founded Willow Lake that helped the Masons decide to make the move 45 minutes from their home in Springhill to Bossier City. Simply put they liked what they saw.

Within the last 10 years the number of retirees migrating to Bossier Parish has gone up by 36% based on the most current census data. These population numbers also show that 12% of the parish's population is 65 and older which is an increase of around 2% since the last census was taken 2000. Most of these retirees in Bossier Parish are between 65 and 69. This is just one example of the kind of growth retirement communities are experiencing all across the country.

Look For Tax Breaks

As you consider your own retirement community options consider each state's tax rates as it applies to property. This will be an issue especially if you're moving into a condo or townhouse and will own the property as opposed to renting. Property tax breaks are another reason why many retirees are flocking to Louisiana.

Big-city Amenities in a Small-town Setting

Renee Hall is one of the developers of Willow Lake. She thinks the "big-city amenities in a small-town atmosphere" is what appeals to many seniors. Bossier City is one of 11 certified retirement communities that you'll find in Louisiana. They're all part of the Livable Louisiana Retirement Ready program that was initiated by the state government to bolster retirement communities across the state and attract residents from all around the country.

On the long list of amenities in Bossier City are championship golf courses, lakes for outdoor recreation, shopping, dining and the Louisiana Boardwalk. For active seniors this is a town that will clearly keep them busy!

The issue of being close to family members also factors into the decision of which retirement community to move into. Leon Wells and his wife Pearl made the move to Willow Lake five years ago up from Baton Rouge and ended up actually being closer to their daughter. With the expansion of construction of retirement communities all across the country many seniors are actually finding they can move into a comfortable home that doesn't pull them away from family and friends but still provides them with an independent lifestyle. Of course, if you were to move to a fun city like Orlando or Santa Fe or Bossier City you might just find that your family will want to come visit you more often!