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Senior and Baby Boomer Vacation Hotspots

By Jan Bolder - November 20, 2013

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Seniors and baby boomers are able to take vacations more frequently and to destinations they prefer more than younger adults because they've spent a good portion of their working lives amassing income and savings. But not every vacation- or vacation activity- is suitable for each senior and baby boomer.

Outdoor Adventures

For boomers and seniors who are still fairly active and don't have any serious injuries or health conditions (and who enjoy being physical!), an outdoor getaway is the perfect trip. Hike through the Amazon Rainforest; go ziplining in New Zealand or Costa Rica; skate Rideau Canal, the world's longest outdoor ice surface; or dance the hula in Honolulu. 

Urban Planning

High-paced physical activities might not be for every senior and boomer, but for those who still want a taste of excitement, touring major or historic cities is a good replacement. But one thing to keep in mind is that while most American cities are very car-friendly, their European counterparts tend not to be. Walking is far more common than driving in cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna. Citizens and visitors also often choose to use public transport instead of their own cars, as gas is much more expensive than in the United States.

Beach Bliss

Sometimes, all a vacationer wants to do is relaxing on pristine white sand with an azure blue ocean stretched out in front of them, with the most strenuous task being raising their hand for another drink. It's no wonder that the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and yes, even Cuba bit by bit, are some of the most visited spots for beach-lovers.

Cruisin' Full Steam Ahead

The world can be, quite literally, a boomer or senior's oyster during a cruise. There is almost no limit as to where a cruise ship can go (other than obeying shipping routes and weather patterns), letting seniors and boomers see multiple countries during drydock, enjoy a breathtaking show of the stars each night, and take part in everything onboard entertainment offers.

On the Road

Jack Kerouac might have been one of the most famous people to popularize traveling across America, and for good reason: it's one of the most intimate ways to become acquainted with what's in your own backyard. With the United States being such a vast country, and containing so many different kinds of topography and geography, you could drive for months and still not see everything.