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Senior Women Affecting Community Activities

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - August 14, 2012

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The truth of the matter is that this phase of senior living and assisted living is changing. Not only are the care plans changing and residential options changing but the face of community activities is changing as well. For decades community activities and activity directors have offered the same types of community services. Shuffleboard, being an arts and crafts have been the staple for 90% of the assisted living communities, nursing homes and retirement community's across the nation. With the influx of baby boomers hitting their retirement years and interim retirement communities these activities just are not cutting it anymore. 

With that in mind there have been several women who have changed the face of community activities through bringing new activities to activity directors and implementing the activities when the activity directors would not. It should be of no shock that these type of activity updates have also spawned the niche community growth. The reason that women have affected community activities in such a staggering way is due to the fact that over 70% of senior community residents are in fact white senior females. This large population amounts has shaped the way that many resident activity directors are now handling their daily activities.

Some of the activities that are being offered seem very normal while others seem like a whole new world has entered the retirement communities. Some of the basic upgrades has been to offer better gardening programs, movie nights, TV nights, several spiritual related activity programs, and a large number of upgrades to exercise programs. These exercise program updates have included introducing the Wii fit line of exercise programs as well as including meditation and yoga programming. 

The activities that have been introduced, however that seem to show a whole new world retirement communities are the more cultural endeavors. There have been many senior communities who have now increased their transportation services to offer ballet, Opera, art museums and outings to other cultural events. During the 2012 election year many senior communities have seen a drastic increase in politically active seniors. With women's rights, health care reform and other related issues on the table several women are affecting community activities by adding political meetings, political organizations and drives to the polls for voting purposes.

Overall the face of senior living and assisted living is changing. Retirement communities are not only about relaxing they are about staying active and being engaged in activities that normally career and family would not have permitted. In fact, a recent statement made in a large senior related publication stated that retirement living is no longer about retirement it's about living.