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Senior Organizations Available at Senior Centers

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - August 17, 2012

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Senior centers are the hub for many retirees and senior citizens in the community. The senior center has meetings for certain senior organizations and activity councils on a regular basis. In fact, the majority of senior centers in the United States are the main and sometimes only place for seniors to find local chapters of their organizations. Here are three senior organizations are available at senior centers across the country.

Veterans Affairs

Chapters of Veterans Affairs associations and AMVETS are available at senior centers across the country. These local chapters allow military veterans the chance to meet and socialize with other military veterans. There are also special organizations that offer regular meetings through AMVETS and Veterans Affairs at senior centers. In fact, in rural areas the AMVETS may be located next to or inside of senior centers. The benefit of this is that the combination of the two allows senior centers to stay open in areas that they may have been closed years ago.

Transportation Services

Transportation services go by various names depending on the area community, taxi service or local area transit services. However, most of senior centers also offer their own transportation services to and from the center for their regular community members. These transportation services are available to regular community members and can even, in some cases, the used for transport to area shopping centers or for doctor appointments. Transportation services tends to offer special transportation days to different area events and discounts for transportation to long-distance events.

Financial and Benefit Services

Financial and benefit services are available at most senior centers. The services may be run by nonprofit organizations, such as Catholic Charities. Financial and benefit services can offer a variety of options for senior community members. Through the senior center several organizations can offer clothing, food and financial assistance in paying certain bills for community members. This is one of the main reasons that many nonprofit organizations have, board to keep senior centers open. In fact, in several large cities including Chicago, New York and Boston Catholic Charities and the Catholic Sisters have maintained senior centers through donations.

Five Reasons to Donate to Senior Centers

If you are looking for charitable donation option, instead of looking nationally look locally in your own community. One of the most critical need charities in many areas is the senior center. Senior centers across the country offers several benefits that seniors may not be able to get in any other location. It is because of senior centers that many retirees and elderly receive the proper care that they may not be able to afford otherwise. It is also because of senior centers across the country that seniors are able to receive food and other services that are otherwise not available. Here are five more reasons that you should choose a senior center as your charitable donation.