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Rewind Time and Feel Young Again

By Jan Bolder - January 10, 2014

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Age is nothing but a state of mind, and it's what you do with it that determines how old you feel. Here are several ways to turn back the clock and feel like your younger self.

1. Have a Snowball Fight: On a recent episode of Coronation Street, cancer-stricken Hayley started an impromptu Christmas snowball fight with her husband, Roy, and remarked to him that it was the best Christmas ever. All her pain and suffering were, for a moment, completely forgotten when Hayley acted like a kid again.

2. Cook a New Dish: Trying a new food breaks you out of the habit of eating the same stuff all the time. If you're strictly meat-and-potatoes, do Indian for a week. Or if you're used to cooking at home, take yourself out to an Asian fusion restaurant. You may or may not be terribly impressed with what you ordered, but were adventurous- a trait that tends to wane with age.

3. Pick Up a Hobby: As boomers grow into seniors, they gain time. Use it to learn something you always put off before, whether it's photography, knitting, painting, white water rafting, or a new language. By learning a new skill or hobby, you're keeping your mind fresh- one of the key ways to stave off aging

4. Join a Team: There's a club or organization for just about any interest. By sharing it with others, you give a structure to your passions and skills, and get the benefit of social stimulation, too. Lastly, joining a team can kickstart a bit of competitive spirit and make you feel young again.

5. Do Something Out of Character: Whatever your idea of fun and relaxation, step out of your comfort zone and do something wild. Do you favor quiet weekends at home? Take a day trip to an amusement park. Prefer to see opera and ballet? Take in live music at a grungy hole in the wall instead. And while it may not be a home run, it could be. 

6. Sing and Dance: Turn the music up loud and let go of your inhibitions. And if you're not a natural singer or dancer, all the better, as you're stretching yourself in new ways. Plus, research is starting to definitely show the relationship between singing and health: your breathing, speech and posture improve, circulation gets better, and your immunity can become more defensible. 

7. Play with Balloons: Balloons aren't restricted to just children, as there are so many ways you can have fun with them. Inhale the helium and talk in a squeaky voice (if you think that's not healthy, then read this peer-reviewed research study that says otherwise), twist them into animals, or let them float loose in the sky.

There's no shortage of ways to keep feeling young again, with only your imagination to limit you. How will you turn back the clock?