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Relieving Stress in Senior Living

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - September 11, 2013

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Many people associate the experience of retirement with the concept of rest and relaxation. People assume that since they have spent so much time working throughout their lives, by the time retirement becomes an option for them, they are going to welcome it with open arms. When retirement finally arrives and the reality of the situation becomes more evident, most people find themselves feeling more stressed out than relaxed, even if they are well prepared. Health concerns, changes in lifestyle and financial elements are all factors that can cause individuals to feel stressed out about their retirement. If stress is already becoming a common response to your retirement, here are a few suggestions to help you relieve some of the tension.

Meditation is fairly well known for its uses in improving concentration, decreasing muscle tension, alleviating depression, and promoting relaxation. Although it can be difficult to tune out the noise and demands of the world around you, if you practice, you will soon find that you can tap into your own sense of inner peace and decrease some of your stress. Meditation is an ideal stress reliever for seniors because it doesn’t require any special ability or equipment in order to participate.

Brain teasers can be a fun option that is also worth considering. These are games that will require your concentration and focus, such as Sudoku. Crosswords puzzles would also fit into this category. The goal is to enhance your brain and its abilities. These types of exercises can be a helpful distraction for those who tend to think too much about different factors that might be stressing them out, such as all of the little things that are typically involved with retirement. It has also been proven to help increase brain function and slow different forms of dementia.

Another great option to consider is getting involved with yoga. Yoga has been proven to relieve stress in people of all ages, including seniors. It can alleviate many of the different health challenges that people face as well. Many people choose to do yoga in the privacy of their own homes. If you are not comfortable with that yet or you do not know how to begin, then you may be interested in starting out with a basic yoga class in your area.

These are some of the healthiest ways that you can use to help relieve some of your stress levels. If you continue these suggestions on a daily or weekly basis, you will find that your stress will be significantly decreased over a period of time. Although it’s understandable to worry about retirement, it’s also important to remind yourself that you cannot plan, control, and prevent everything. Take some time to clear your mind and pamper yourself or focus on trying out some of the fun brain teasers suggested above. You will find that you will feel refreshed and will no longer feel so stressed out about the concerns of the day.