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Questions to Ask during Independent Living Tour

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - October 23, 2013

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Questions to Ask during Independent Living Tour

Before deciding on an independent living facility, you should first visit the community, speak to the administrators, and tour the facility. Not only do you want to view the accommodations but interview the facility administrator with questions and concerns you have. This is when you will make your decision because it gives you the chance to find out more about the community that their website or brochure might not inform you of. Keep a list of questions you want to ask with you when you visit the facility and take the tour.

Location and Appearance

The first thing you will notice when arriving at the independent living facility is the location and overall appearance. Consider the location to other places you might need to visit, such as your doctor’s office or children’s homes. Is it a convenient location? You should also pay attention to other places nearby, such as if it is in a good neighborhood, if it’s a quiet or noisy area, how close it is to emergency facilities like a local hospital, and if there is public transportation nearby. You will also want to pay attention to the appearance of the facility during the tour.

Accommodations and Amenities

As you tour the facility and apartment homes or rooms, ask questions about the accommodations and amenities Bring a list of things you require and those you prefer, such as a fireplace, dishwasher, washer and dryer hook-ups, air conditioning and heat, gas or electric stove, microwave, and anything else that you would find useful.

Activities and Services

You should also be brought to the recreation center and other locations within the community, such as a beauty salon, computer and Internet room, fitness room, library, and other areas. Ask about the activities, programs and services they offer, paying attention to the ones you prefer. You might want to take classes and would prefer a computer room with computer classes, or maybe you prefer independent living that offers exercise classes or transportation services.

Costs and Financing Options

The costs of the independent living community might also be important to ntoe if they have not brought it up on their own. Ask about the monthly rent and any additional expenses, such as if water, trash, utilities, cable and phone are covered or not.

Staff and Qualifications

You should also ask about their staff, such as how many nurses or administrative persons they have, if they have emergency nursing staff on-site, and what qualifications the facility and the employees have.