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Nursing Homes Provide Seniors with Care and Supervision

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - April 21, 2011

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There comes a certain age when a person loses the ability to take care of themselves. This can be brought on by any of the diseases that old people suffer from when it becomes absolutely necessary that they are provided round the clock medical attention and assistance. When a person is at the stage where they cannot even perform routine daily tasks on their own, the families of such individuals have no option but to admit the patients into Nursing Homes.

Nursing Homes are specialized centers that provide care for elderly people who need constant supervision. They started out as medical centers, mostly parts of hospitals, that would keep patients admitted for extended periods of time but have now become a popular choice for families that cannot bear the burden of a sick relative. Modern Nursing Homes have become a part of a rising culture where the elderly are sent so that they can be taken care of in a better way by medical professionals.

While some people might confuse Nursing Homes with Assisted Living Centers, the main difference is that Nursing Homes are for people who have totally lost the ability to take care of themselves and need help with everyday tasks like eating, bathing and clothing themselves while residents of Assisted Living Centers just require assistance with certain tasks and activities. A Nursing Home provides 24 hour assistance and care to its residents and is more suitable for people who have age related diseases like mental health problems and Alzheimer's. 

Different Nursing Homes have different methods of managing their residents. Most modern Nursing Homes provide each resident with a separate room while there is a common living area and kitchen that is shared between the residents. This provides an opportunity to the residents for social interaction. The Nursing Homes operate on a patient-to-nurse relationship basis where a certain nurse is assigned to a patient and all their care is up to that nurse. This leads to a higher quality of life for the resident as they can develop a bond with their nurse and feel better looked after.

Another way that Nursing Homes manage their residents is by assigning a group of patients to a certain nurse and then rotating the assignments so that a different nurse is present at different times. While this might be less stressful for the nurses, it does not leave room for any kind of relationship to develop between them and the residents.

The popular misconception about Nursing Homes is that they are like hospitals where the residents are treated like patients and not someone who lives in a home. While the residents mostly are patients who do need round the clock medical care from a professional, most modern Nursing Homes make sure that their experience is not that of a hospital patient but more like a person who has the independence of living their life with all the assistance they require. The decision to send a person to a Nursing Home usually falls upon the family and it is up to them to make sure they do their research and choose the best possible home for their loved one. LivingSenior.com can help you make that decision.