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New Ways to Save on Your Expenses

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - October 2, 2013

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As a baby boomer, budgeting is on your mind all the time. You have to worry about your own personal finances, and in some cases you have to regard finances of your parents as well as your children. With a rough economy it is becoming increasingly popular for baby boomers to be considered part of the sandwich generation. This means you're sandwiched between the needs of your children who are having a very difficult time finding work, and the needs of your parents who are already retired and may not have enough money to stretch for their long-term care needs. Because of this, you should always be looking for a way to save on your expenses. Here are a few new ways to help you save on your stance is that you may not have considered.

Take Advantage of Free Options

Is the increasingly popular for companies, restaurants, and other businesses to offer free options to baby boomers and seniors. These free options can be coupled with other options. For example, there may be a financial planning seminar that can help you determine how to best prepare for your long-term needs. The benefit of the seminar is not only that will help you, but it also may offer a free lunch option. You have cut the expenses for that day while still finding out about financial planning options that may increase your savings and decrease your expenses as well.

Gym Memberships

Most gyms offer baby boomers and seniors a savings option on their membership fee. For example, a standard membership fee may be $55 a month where as the fee for a senior may be 15% less. Taking advantage of this gym membership has other benefits besides wellness. Most gyms have a full service bathroom area which has a shower, sauna, whirlpool, and other amenities. Let's say, for example, that you have a massage appointment once a month. Let's say that you also have a tanning bed services, and you also have exercise and special wellness needs. Finding a gym that offers all of these needs can reduce your expenses greatly. For example, if after a senior discount your membership is $35 a month then you can include your tanning, exercising needs, and one shower per day at the gym. This reduces your water bill at home, expenses that are now included with your gym membership and gives you your exercise needs all in one bill.

Prescription Cards

There are several companies that now offer free prescription cards. There are also pharmacies that offer this as well. Combine your rewards card with a prescription card to reduce your prescription cost even more. In fact, you can also take your prescription card and combine it with your reward benefit card at the pharmacy to incur rewards points for either gift cards or for other products. One trip to CVS pharmacy, for example, can mean that you get a reduced prescription, a certain amount of CVS buck rewards, and you can put those rewards towards the purchase of another item. This reduces your over all costs and allows you to purchase certain items on sale for little to nothing.