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Neglect on the Rise in Senior Communities, but What Is Neglect?

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - June 24, 2013

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Senior communities are seeing an increase of neglect and neglect related incidents. This has been seen in recent months through national news broadcasts of a woman having a heart attack and needing CPR. The nursing staff contacted 911, but could not give CPR due to regulations with in the senior community. Other incidents at for-profit senior communities have also brought awareness to the neglect happening in nursing homes, assisted-living homes and other senior community areas. That many people understand the issues with neglect and senior communities they may not understand exactly what neglect is when these charges are filed.

Assistance Neglect

Assistance neglect can generally be found in assisted living and long-term care communities. This is also seen in nursing homes and convalescent centers. Assistance neglect is the type of neglect that will show up when nursing staff chooses to avoid rounds, not complete rounds properly or does not check in on patients and mark down that they have. An example of this would be when a senior requires assisted living options with bathroom hygiene. During the night, a routine would be to check on this particular residence at least 3 to 4 times during a normal eight hour night shift. However, in neglectful situations the senior may not be checked on it all and may be found in a non-hygienic environments for several hours before another nurse comes on shift. In these cases rashes, skin breakdown and other issues can develop from the negligence associated with this issue.

Nutrition Neglect

Nutrition neglect is when an individual chooses to not feed or to not offer proper nutrition to a resident. This is not a very common form of neglect currently, but it should be mentioned since it does occur in residential homes. Nutrition neglect can be everything from not offering the proper diet plan to a resident or by not offering the proper foods to a resident that will offer the proper nutrition. In some cases, especially in residential homes, it has been found that senior residents and maybe receiving several liquid meals a day when they should be on regular diets. Though this does give them some nutritional value, it may not give the full amount of nutritional value necessary for the senior to live a normal lifestyle.

Abuse Full neglect

Abuse Full neglect is the type of neglect that you will see where abuse has occurred. This may be abusive emotional, physical or is a combination of the two. In some cases a resident may require certain needs including bed turning, wound care and other similar physical needs. When this is not provided it can lead to a physical abuse as well as an emotional abuse. This type of abuse is the most common scene in senior communities and is the most common associated with neglectful situations.

Regardless of the type of neglect that is being fought against, each type of neglect offers its own brand of legal action. This legal action may not only be connected to the nursing staff but also to the senior community as a whole. This type of neglect and shut down entire senior communities or can cause a senior community to be sold to the state until a profit or nonprofit organization can buy it.