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Most Fun Seniors That Belong at Your Party

By Jan Bolder - January 22, 2014

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A person's senior years isn't a time to slow down, but instead to use the wisdom and experience they've accumulated to have more fun. Here are LivingSenior's top picks for the seniors we'd like to see at the next get-together.

1. Betty White: This Greek, Welsh, English, and Danish comedienne has enjoyed a career that's only gotten hotter the older she's gotten. White began working in radio in 1939 because after repeated forays into movies, she got tired of being turned down for being "unphotogenic." But through perseverence and lucky breaks, White finally appeared on TV 10 years later as the co-host of Al Jarvis's Hollywood on Television, took over the show in 1952, and never looked back. Today, she's a breath of fresh air as she embraces her age, and has a lot of fun -- and laughs -- doing so.

2. Robert Redford: The founder of Sundance and one of the stars of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is 77, and still looks every bit as handsome today as he did when he first started out. But what sets Redford apart from other actors and seniors is his tireless drive to keep going, expand his intellect, and explore life. He's continued to work at an age where most people are firmly retired, showing that it's important to keep the mind sharp as long as possible.

3. Mick Jagger: Years of really hard partying may have ravaged his face, but they haven't wrecked Jagger's ability to still have fun. Yes, he had more romantic dalliances than most people can count and yes, his drug and alcohol abuse should have killed him ten times over, but the older Jagger has cleaned up his act. And now, at the age of 70, he's had several lifetimes of experiences that make him one of the most interesting conversation partners at any get-together.

4. Helen Mirren: The Silver Fox hasn't let that thing called age slow her down, as this 68-year-old actress takes on so many roles she can't be pigeon-holed. She's played everything from Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect to the Queen of England, filling her free time by setting new fashion standards, speaking controversially, writing, and working.

5. Warren Buffett: This man is one of the smartest out there, and not just because of his staggering intellect, but because he's gifted in so many areas. Buffett knows economics and finances like the back of his hand, has lived through recessions and upswings, and is gracious enough to share his knowledge and wisdom with others. But best of all, Buffett is an incredibly generous person, which makes him an excellent addition for all parties.