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Local Senior Care Resources Available For In-Home Care

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - November 15, 2011

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The moment you turn fifty, you'll be invited to join one of the most popular agencies for senior citizens. That would be the AARP. Although you might not like to admit you’re heading into senior citizen territory, this is actually the perfect time to start planning ahead and getting a sense of all the benefits you have at your disposal as a result of hitting your golden years. Another organization you should become familiar with is the National Council on Aging or NCOA. Once again, don’t be thrown by that title: this is a great place to bookmark especially if you are involved with in-home care for your loved one.

Who is NCOA?

Based out of Washington, DC, the National Council on Aging is a nonprofit and advocacy group whose goal is to be a “national voice for millions of older adults -- especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged -- and the community organizations that serve them.” They accomplish this noble goal by brining together a wide range of other organizations, businesses and government agencies who are all working on behalf of older adults. Think of NCOA as a kind of clearing house of senior website links that can help seniors find housing, employment opportunities, healthcare options and all kinds of other activities that keep seniors socially active.

Check Out the Benefits

NCOA also helps seniors take advantage of the many local, state and federal programs available to them through their website BenefitsCheckUp.org. According to NCOA, this “BenefitsCheckUp, says the NCOA, is the nation's “most comprehensive Web-based service to screen seniors with limited income and resources for benefits programs.”

At last count, there were close to 2,000 benefit programs set up all across the nation. These programs provide assistance with health care options, obtaining low cost prescription drugs, nutrition programs and assistance with housing and utility bills. The site was established in 2001. Since than over 2.8 million folks have clicked over to use the service resulting in benefits that have been valued at over $9 billion. That’s a big help!

Many of the seniors who take advantage of these programs are involved with in-home care or aging in place. Just because a senior is staying at home doesn’t mean they can’t tap into the many programs offered at local senior centers or other facilities that cater to older Americans.

Older Americans Month

Every May is Older Americans Month in America. This past May the theme was connecting older Americans with the community which fits right into how BenefitsCheckUp.org. The celebration paid tribute to the many ways that “older adults bring inspiration and continuity to the fabric of our communities.” It also demonstrated that seniors are tapping into the internet to access these resources that can help them live a more active and productive life.

"Especially during Older Americans Month, we want to reach older people throughout the country and help them find the benefits programs they need and deserve," said Stuart Spector, National Council on Aging's senior vice president. "Many seniors of limited means and the people who care about them simply don't know about the benefits available to them. The programs they will find through BenefitsCheckUp can significantly enrich their quality of life."

If you have an older citizen in your life, make sure they know about NCOA!

Find out more about the National Council on Aging at LivingSenior.com. If you’re already a member, let us know more about the benefits you’ve uncovered.