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How to Find a Home Health Care Provider

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - October 21, 2013

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How to Find a Home Health Care provider

If you have decided that home health care is a good option for you, there are some things to consider when choosing a provider. Not all home health care agencies are created equal and will have different qualifications, experience, reputation, and cost. You should search wisely and take your time before committing to one agency.


Before searching for agencies in your area, ask around if you can get a referral or good reference for one nearby. This lets you know right away if they are professional, courteous, and experienced.

Internet Search

If you were unable to get referrals for home health care agencies, do your own search and start online. This is recommended because it is the easiest and fastest way to locate home health care providers nearby. Put in your location and search terms for home health care and you will be given a list of agencies. You will want to look at their website to get more information but also call each one to schedule an interview. There are questions to ask the agency as well as the person who will provide you care, such as the social worker, nurse, therapist, or caregiver.

Search Locally

You can also limit your search to find agencies that are local. Most home health care agencies are going to have a mile limit, where they won’t drive longer than that distance to provide you with care. When looking for agencies, keep your search within 10 miles so that you can avoid problems with long distances later on. It also helps to find a provider within 5 or 10 miles away so that if you need emergency care, the worker will get to you quickly.

Check Credentials

Once you have located a few home health care agencies in your area, ask to see their credentials. This includes the licensing information for the agency as well as credentials and qualifications for the worker who will be assigned to you. Whether they are a caregiver, nurse, social worker, or therapist, they should be qualified and properly licensed to perform certain duties. If the agency or worker seems hesitant to provide these documents, move on and find another agency more suited to you.

Questions to Ask

There are also some questions to ask the home health care provider during the interview process. This includes finding out about their experience and licensing in your state, how long they have been in business, if they can provide professional references, and what their confidentiality rules are for their workers and patients. If they offer a customer satisfaction survey, ask if you can see the results of it to better make your decision.