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Helping Seniors: Services That Make Life Easier

By Jan Bolder - February 21, 2014

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Providing services that are directly aimed at seniors isn't pandering, it's smart. Seniors have their own unique needs and desires, and finding services and programs that help them directly is efficient and necessary.


Volunteers of America

The country's largest nonprofit agency directed at providing housing and quality long-term care offer support to seniors in a variety of ways: meal programs, transportation, repair services, information, intergenerational programs, and referral services. They were founded in 1896 and continue to help seniors all over the country today.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program

Another huge organization, the SCSEP is the nation's largest federally-funded program aimed at helping seniors find employment and be trained for employment. Over 125,000 seniors took part in the SCSEP by working part-time for minimum wage at a nonprofit or public agency so they can gain the experience necessary for non-SCSEP paid work.

Meals on Wheels

One of the most recognizable organizations in North America with one of the widest reaches, Meals on Wheels, quite simply, feeds seniors. They represent all U.S. states and territories by providing meals either at the senior's home or in a central location, and prepare over 1 million meals each year.

Seniors Helping Seniors

One of the founders, Kiran Yocom, worked with Mother Teresa in India for 14 years and has applied her experience to Seniors Helping Seniors. She believes that nobody is best able to help a senior than a senior, and matches seniors together so they can mutually assist each other in whatever way they need. While the service costs money, the service also pays wages to the helping seniors.

Senior Discounts

One of the perks of becoming a senior citizen is indulging in all the places that offer senior discounts. But keeping track of which places offer what discounts (and on what days!) can be confusing, which is Senior Discounts has compiled a huge list of discounts. By visiting the site, seniors can select a category of discounts from a drop-down menu, and then narrow down the search by zooming in on a city and state.

Rural Development

Usually, seniors who live in rural areas are much more out of luck than their urban counterparts in terms of accessing programs and services. But Rural Development tries to remedy that by specifically catering to rural communities and offering loans and grants, rental housing, rental assistance, and financed community facilities.

Finding a program or service dedicated to helping seniors doesn't have to be a difficult search, as there are so many in a variety of different areas. Also checking on your state's website can provide a whole host of services and programs that are just for seniors.