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Healthcare Technology for Home Health

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - August 29, 2013

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Healthcare technology and the healthcare industry have become increasingly popular for not only hospitals and assisted living or long-term care facilities, but also for caregivers and patients families. There been several developments of healthcare technology for home health in recent years. These developments have grown alongside technology such as Android, iPhone, smartphone technology, applications, and the ability to connect all of these things between caregiver and family members. Physicians have also started using healthcare technology for home health as well.

Smartphone Technology for Home Health

Smartphone technology for home health has become an increasingly popular method for patients, physicians, caregivers, family members, and pharmacists to connect regarding a patient's health and well-being. Using different applications such as CareZone, a home health care patient's well-being and care can be communicated between family members, physicians, and caregivers. Using different applications or one all-inclusive application, a caregiver can keep track of input as well as output. They can also keep track of eating habits, medication management, and other healthcare needs.

Web and Security Applications

Web and security applications have combined in recent years to offer home health caregiver's as well as patients the ability to connect and offer a deeper level of security. The family members can now login to specific websites that are connected to home camera monitors and security systems. They can not only watch what a caregiver is doing during the day, but they can also maintain and monitor the health and well-being of their family member. This is made it increasingly easier for family members who were full-time caregivers to transition back into the workforce and allow a healthcare provider or home health care provider to assist in the daily care of their family member.

Alzheimer's Technology

Alzheimer's technology is a fairly new form of healthcare technology for home health. Though Alzheimer's applications have been used in one way or another in assisted-living long-term care facilities, they have not been used in home health as readily. The use of iPhones and Android smartphones has increased the popularity of various Alzheimer's technology. So this technology is based on simple applications. These applications allow a caregiver to monitor the Alzheimer's patient’s reactions and memory loss progression. This is becoming invaluable information for not only family members but for physicians who may be looking at how an Alzheimer's patient is developing or regressing. Journals and other application technology-based programs for Alzheimer's are becoming a key component of home health.

Though there are several different types of home health technology-based programs that assist only caregivers but family members as well, these programs are fairly new. There are new programs, applications, technology programs and other forms of text appearing on the market daily. Though many caregivers at home health providers do need to weed through what works best for them as well as for their patients, the current applications on the market and current technology is making it increasingly easier for the home healthcare community.