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HUD Steps in to Help Assisted Living Seniors

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - May 22, 2013

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HUD has recently started stepping in to help assisted living seniors throughout the country. These endeavors have been in an effort to keep seniors in affordable housing while offering the health care seniors need during their retirement years. These programs work directly through HUD and therefore have not yet needed to include any special program funding. The following are the ways that HUD is helping seniors with assisted living issues and how these programs are developing throughout the country.

Residential Homes

HUD works with various programs to help seniors who need to be in smaller environments. This is primarily due to seniors who have memory loss issues and may need to be in a strictly residential environment rather than a sterile environment. HUD helps organizations who are trying to help seniors find the right housing that will work as a residential home. This is a move that HUD has not taken in the past, but has shown significant improvement in low income areas and has shown improvement in helping seniors maintain their health in these areas.

HUD for In Home Care

Aging in place has been shown to be one of the best ways for seniors to maintain care while staying in their own home. Though staying in their own home may be an issue, HUD can help seniors purchase a home they can stay in. This has shown to be a significant HUD improvement for seniors and has helped seniors across the country. This endeavor has also helped the housing market in many areas.

HUD Working with Real Estate

HUD has joined with real estate agencies to help move properties, boost the real estae market and to ultimately help seniors. This combined effort not only helps seniors but helps all aspects of the economy and community. This move works by focusing on foreclosures and short sales that may be bogging up real estate lines. If HUD can help with these properties and move them to help seniors, then the program has served its purpose.

HUD Working Low Income

Most of the seniors who would be using HUD are low income. There are many more that are considered to fall below the poverty level. In normal circumstances they are unable to obtain any kind of housing assistance or they are placed on long waiting lists that may detour them from wanting to apply to the program at all. However, HUD has changed some of their policies to help these seniors obtain the housing they need and possibly be able to afford assisted living in the home. This has changed the lives of many seniors and easied the burden on families that may have had ongoing financial issues helping their senior parents during tougher health and economic times.

The HUD programs have always been available to help anyone who needs it. Now HUD is seeing the need in senior communities more than ever and they are rising to that challenge to help as much as they can. This endeavor has been welcomed with open arms in many communities and is a welcome sign in many others.