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Get Ready to Enroll in Medicare Part D

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - November 28, 2011

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As a senior who might be engaged with in-home care, you're probably still very much engaged in making decisions for your own care. If you are new to Medicare but have tapped into the program, you will soon be getting an invitation to enroll in the Medicare Part D drug plan from your insurance company. The registration for this plan is going to begin October 15th and end on December 7th this year. This represents a change from previous years which began enrollment later on November 15th but ended on December 31st. Overall this means the enrollment period has been shortened by 45 days this year.

A spokesman for the Medicare Plan Review weighed in on the situation by saying, “This change to the Medicare Advantage Enrollment Period for 2012 plans is bound to catch many people off guard. It is in your best interest if you are interested in enrolling in an Advantage Plan for 2012 to be proactive and compare plans as soon as possible. If you are enrolled in a plan currently be alert for any notices from your current plan sponsor.” On some level, this might actually be a benefit for seniors who can make these decisions before all the activity of the holidays kicks into high gear.

More Medicaid Changes On the Way

Once seniors enroll for this new prescription coverage, they will be provided with even more information about changes headed their way for 2012. Among the items they’ll have to consider are:

1) The change in the Annual Enrollment Period which remain in effect through 2012.

2) The open Enrollment Period that was available between January 1st and March 31st in 2011 has been discontinued and will no longer be an option going forward.

3) Once you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan you will only have between January 1st and February 14 to make any changes like dropping the plan and going back to your original Medicare program. The chance to buy into a stand-alone Part D Plan will still exist.

The bottom line is that it’s best to enroll early and see how the plan works for you. That way you can make adjustments if you feel the need around the first of the year.

Get Help Filing

Although this might all seem confusing, help is standing by to provide you with assistance to navigate through the “red tape.” If you feel as though you aren’t getting the right information from your insurance provider you can always call the Medicare service yourself and get the straight answers.

There are also many local agencies charged with providing help to seniors with their Medicaid applications. You can contact your state government and ask for the department on aging or senior care to get information.

Get more information about Medicare Part D Prescription drug plans at LivingSenior. Your own experiences with Medicare Part D can be a great value to others who might just be entering into the system. Please, share your words of wisdom!

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