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Finding the right assistance living provider

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - April 27, 2011

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 Growing old is as inevitable as eating and waking up in the morning.  No matter how much we want it so badly to go away, at one point, we will have to face the fact that we need to find a retirement community in preparation for the eventual development. An ideal aged care facility should be near your loved one so that you and your family get to see each other regularly.  Another primary consideration that you should look into is the services offered. You should look for a facility that will be able to satisfy your needs.  Checking out brochures and the actual senior center itself will give you an idea of how the facility is run.  Looking at your options early on will make the transition easier and will also afford you time enough to assess the many choices in aged care that is available right now.

What, you may ask, are these options?

Most care homes will offer you the following choices:

  • In home care – If you wish to stay at home and only require a companion to assist you with meal preparations, grooming and housekeeping, this option is for you.  This will ensure your comfort in a familiar environment while being able to relax knowing that someone is there to assist you with your needs.

  • Retirement communities – Retirement living is another option for people who still want a regular home care with the benefit of having your fellow seniors around to socialize with.  An assistant living staying with you will ensure that chores, which you are unable to perform, are well taken care of as well as immediate assistance without giving your autonomy.


  • Nursing Home – Those elderly who cannot take care of themselves should be able to avail the services of a nursing home.  A 24 hours care and monitoring is provided to ensure that the well being is taken care of. One advantage of a nursing home is the peace of mind that such facility offers for the loved ones.  However, some seniors may not be ready for such a treatment as yet hence, the availability of other options.

  • Assisted Living - Specifically designed to help seniors in their day to day activities like meal preparation and grooming. This category comes before nursing home and after senior independent living.  Primary services offered in an assisted living option are minor medical assistance, supervised medication, assistance in terms of household work, meal preparation and errand running.  Assisted living facilities ensure that seniors will still have a relative amount of independence despite needing occasional assistance.

These various options satisfy different levels of needs.  Choosing the best senior care is not just about one option of the discussed ones.  Different senior care facilities offering the same category may still differ in approach or handling.  Choosing from among the many choices in senior care homes is vital to your well being and it helps get in touch with loved ones, friends or colleagues before making the final decision.