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By Megan C @ LivingSenior - August 13, 2012

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Retirement niche communities are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States.  With the onset of increased baby boomer populations entering retirement living, the need for niche communities has becoming greater.  These niche communities offer a variety of choices including artistic communities, music communities, advocacy related communities and sports related communities.  Though many of the niche communities available center around a hobby or a sport of some kind, there are new communities that are showing up throughout the nation for females in particular. 



The LGBT community was one of the first to start niche communities within the United States.The LGBT Communities offer a safe haven for seniors who are lesbian or homosexual.They also offer a safe haven for transgender seniors and bisexual seniors.One of the LGBT Communities that is seeing a large increases are the lesbian communities.The baby boomer generation was one of the first generations to “come out of the closet.” This has caused some residential retirement communities to have issues with how to offer care and living accommodations.The LGBT community rose to the occasion and has begun opening several lesbian based residential retirement communities to not only supply lesbian seniors with housing but to also supply the growing number of lesbians were reaching senior retirement age.

All Female Communities

One of the niche communities that has begun seeing an increase are the all female communities.These communities have been built in a response to the 70% white female population over the age of 85.However, they do understand the need for the onslaught of the baby boomers reaching senior retirement age.In fact several recent reports have shown that that 70% population will increase to an 85% population when baby boomers reach retirement years.These all female communities provide the same amenities as any other senior community or assisted living community.The only difference is that the image is female specific.

With the growing number of long-term care planning and the rising population of senior females, it is not surprising that senior communities are moving toward a more female centric form of care planning.  It is estimated that over the next decade senior retirement in communities will begin seeing an increased number of female centric niche communities across the nation

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