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Defining the Sandwich Generation and Retirement

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - September 6, 2013

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The term “sandwich generation” is fairly new in terms of society’s language history. Due to the result of the work of Carol Abaya, the term has been found in the Oxford English and Merriam Webster Dictionaries since 2006. A ‘sandwich generationer’ - otherwise known as an elder or parent caregiver - is a responsibility that no one can ever be prepared for. Carol Abaya was a pioneer in her ability to open the discussions around the challenges associated with elder/parent care and aging issues.

As Carol took care of her parents, she started talking with caregivers around the world and dedicating herself to writing about the issues surrounding aging. One of her main focuses has been on the countless emotional elements of sandwich generationers and elders aging. As baby boomers continue to become seniors and sandwich generationers, there is a greater demand to be able to understand the dynamics of aging and family relationships.

The goal is to provide useful and relevant information to those who are sandwich generationers - individuals who are essentially sandwiched between taking care of their aging parents and their own children. The material covers a variety of topics, from elder care to financial issues. Individuals in the sandwich generation typically find themselves concerned about how they are going to take care of finances, whether it is their own or the finances of a parent or elder. Retirement is a relevant issue because many of the sandwich generationers themselves are approaching a period of their lives where they are either about to retire or already have. In the same sense, they’re also responsible for taking care of their parent or elder during their own retirement.

It’s important to understand that there is no wrong or right way to handle elder and parent care. What may work well for one sandwich generationer may not work as well for you or someone that you know because every relationship and situation is different and unique to its own circumstances. There are no easy solutions that automatically make these situations or their challenges easier to bear. However, the main hope is that with an abundance of resources and the correct information, it may become easier for sandwich generationers to understand their elder/parent and thus, may become a little more simple dealing with the daily occurrences associated with these responsibilities.

The Sandwich Generation site provides extensive information about various tips and resources that sandwich generationers can use to gain better insight into their personal situations and the issues or concerns that are relevant to them. It is focused greatly on sharing useful information, as well as providing a variety of lectures and seminars that generationers can view from the privacy of their own home. Overall, the site serves as a cooperative effort driven by Carol Abaya to help unite sandwich generationers and caregivers around the world while providing them with a source for insight and expression.

Source: http://www.sandwichgeneration.com/