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Customized Grocery Delivery for Seniors

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - September 28, 2012

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For many seniors the concept of driving to the grocery store becomes increasing lean difficult and expensive. There may not be enough money in the budget to make certain trips to the grocery store or there may be an issue or with the physical portion of driving. For this reason, there are many customize grocery delivery program for seniors can take part in. Here are a few ways that seniors can utilize online delivery options for customized grocery delivery. It should be noted that these grocery delivery items can also be customized to include over-the-counter medication, health and beauty supplies, hygiene supplies and even daily cleaning supplies.

Customized Shopping Lists

It is estimated that over 45% of seniors are currently using sites such as Amazon, Alice and to create customized shopping lists for their groceries and other household needs. To create customized shopping list seniors only need to log into the site, create an account and they can create not only a customized shopping list for all of their grocery, nonperishable items, over-the-counter medications and other needs but also create a delivery option. These delivery options allow the senior to be billed on a regular basis and have items off of their customized shopping list delivered directly to their door. This idea has made lifestyles considerably easier for several seniors who live in rural or country environments.

Automatic Delivery Options

automatic delivery options are generally thought of for various things such as over-the-counter prescriptions and items like coffee and tea. In fact, many individuals consider automatic delivery options for things like beauty and hygiene but not for things like groceries and other needs. Automatic delivery options of customized shopping lists and items used throughout the normal course of the day are available through sites such as Amazon, Alice, and An automatic delivery option means that many seniors can create a shopping list, set a date for delivery and know that not only will they be automatically build a set amount for their delivery but will also receive the delivery within 3 to 5 business days and have the items they need without ever having to leave the home were worried about transportation issues.

Budget Buying

It is no secret that many baby boomers have not prepared for their retirement or have underprepared for their retirement financial future. For this reason, many seniors are now facing having to live on very tight budgets or tighter budgets and they once believed they would have to. By using customized shopping lists, automatic delivery options and online ordering services for groceries and daily needs many seniors are finding that they can remain within the budget while still receiving the items they need on a daily basis. By ordering through sites such as Amazon, Alice, and and creating automatic delivery options for those items ordered many seniors can stick to a specified budget. They know how much their order will be before it is charged and that they will automatically be bills that set amount every month. This allows for individuals who are on a budget to stay with in that budget strictly. Sites such as Amazon, Alice and will also notify individuals if the price of a certain item has gone up or if certain items are not available and will offer alternatives or pricing changes for those items. This allows seniors time to find another item that stays within the budget or to adjust their budget as needed for the price increase.