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Creating a Physical Fitness Routine for Seniors

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - May 4, 2013

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A key factor that many seniors prefer to focus on during retirement is devoting themselves to activities that they previously didn’t have time for when they were working constantly. A common activity that many seniors begin to become active in can be found in creating a physical fitness routine. Whether they are working out at a gym, their retirement community, or in the privacy of their own home, staying active during these golden years is very important towards attaining optimal senior health and fitness.
For many, there is the concern that seniors who work out will overwork themselves and cause injury to their bodies in some way. However, most seniors tend to already know their limit, having dealt with aging bodies for the past few decades while they were keeping busy with work. Most will prefer a type of light exercise routine in order to help them get started with the process of becoming more physically fit. The most common option is to go walking, running, or jogging. This tends to vary on the preference of the individual, as well as their personal capabilities. For example, some seniors prefer to walk several miles or go running with their dog in their spare time to provide just the right amount of light exercise.
Another alternative that seniors typically enjoy is working out in the water. There are many aquatic work out programs which are ideal for seniors. These programs work well because the water takes off the amount of resistance on the bones, making exercises feel as if they are a nearly weightless activity. This means that individuals who are dealing with painful arthritis and other related diseases can work out and stretch in the water without having the fear of injuring themselves or causing pain to themselves while they are trying to become more physically fit.
Seniors that don’t enjoy working out alone can consider joining a workout group at their retirement community or at the local gym. This is a good way for them to meet fellow seniors of their own age and find new friends to relate to. Having a friend to work out with can be more encouraging and can help seniors to keep motivated about their overall work out goals. Seniors that are seeking to learn more about physical fitness programs that are appropriate for their needs can discuss some of the many options that are available while talking with their doctor.