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Creating a Home Based Fitness Plan for Retirement

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - September 30, 2013

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Have you been thinking about your fitness during retirement, but you are unsure of where to start? One of the best places to start is right in your home. You can create a fitness workout schedule that works with your current schedule and physical needs. The best part is you can do this with no out of pocket expense. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Health Evaluation

Make sure you have a health evaluation before you get started. This can be a full physical or can be your most recent doctors appointment. You just need a basic idea of where you stand and what exercise or activity you need to block from your regimen. You will also need to know if there are any special foods, supplements, or additives you need to remove from your health plan.

Streaming Options

You can use a laptop for your workout plan or your desktop computer. Just make sure it is set up in a location that you can move around easily and see your monitor. Now, simply use streaming programs. The best is the free option of YouTube. You can locate a variety of workout plans that will fit your needs. These workout videos last from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the plan and the type of workout. Remember, an average cardio workout will last the longest, while a stretching workout such as yoga will last an average of 30 minutes.

Set a Schedule

Make sure you stick to a schedule. You don’t have to schedule your workout down to the last minute each day. Just make sure you are working on some form of workout plan on a regular basis. Most people tend to mix things up by doing cardio on certain days and body stretches on others. A good example would be doing Tae Bo three days a week and doing something like Walk Away the Pounds twice a week. This gives two days of downtime and rest for your body.

Find Support Groups

Finding a support group can really help you with your fitness plans. Invite friends to workout with you or find a workout plan that can be done at home and at the senior center or gym. This will make it easy to keep up with even on days you don’t or may not feel like working out. Make sure that if you feel under the weather you are still doing something in the form of a workout. You would be surprised how a simple walk can make you feel better.

There are hundreds of options for free workouts. You can visit your local senior center, park, library, and community center. Rent or check out videos and DVDs or you can use a service like Hulu, Netflix, or Redbox. All three give several options that you can use right in your home for your exercise and fitness goals. Remember to change your goals often to fit with your progress.