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Best Vacation Places to Take Your Grandkids

By Christina2 - April 3, 2014

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There's nothing quite like vacationing with your grandkids, but how do you narrow down the location to something that appeals to both generations? Luckily, LivingSenior is here to weigh in on the very best spots that both grandparents and grandchildren alike can enjoy, and still feel like they have a vacation they'll remember for years.

Costa Rica

What better place on earth is there to bond with your grandchildren than in a rainforest? Costa Rica is full of rainforests, hikes, swimming, ziplining, white water rafts, horseback riding, and a ton of local wildlife. Plus, if you book at a lodge or ranch, you won't have to unpack and pack constantly, and get access to a more authentic vacation. Who wants to travel thousands of miles just to stay in a chain-name hotel?

Disney World or Disneyland

Sure, this vacation spot may be more for your grandkids than it would be for you, but who doesn't get a kick out of seeing Mickey and Minnie no matter what age they are? The beauty of Disney parks is that there are fast-paced rollercoasters for families who like adventure, and more laidback attractions—like "It's a Small World"—for families more content to take it easy.


This chain of islands is so much more than surfers and beach bathers. Rent a car and drive along the coast, and experience multiple climates along the way. If you and your grandkids have the stamina, you could be in a rainforest in the morning, and on top of the highest mountain in America in the afternoon. And don't let the flyers scare you: although most everything has to be imported in, it's not nearly as expensive as it looks, and there are great deals to be had with just a little bit of hunting around.


Heading east and south to Africa may be a bit of a budget-stretcher, but the chance to go on a real-life safari is unforgettable. And with Mt. Kilimanjaro only 761 miles away, you can hop in a plane and explore one of the tallest peaks on earth. Pro tip: book with a tour so a seasoned expert can take care of all the small details, ensuring you and your grandkids don't miss a single thing on your faraway trip.

Grand Canyon

No matter how many times you visit, hike or camp the Grand Canyon, it never gets old. Or if it's your first time, there's nothing you can read or Google that'll prepare you for its sheer size and breathtaking beauty. And with the Skywalk letting you walk between 500 and 800 feet above the floor of the Canyon, it's the perfect time to jump and spook your companions just a bit.

State Parks

Understandably, the previous vacations require a deeper wallet than others, but visiting state parks only requires a car and gas, admission into the state park (which can be free for seniors and their vehicles), and picnic food for the day. With more than 2,000 recreation sites in the country, theres a good chance your grandkids will grow up before you ever come anywhere close to running out of parks to visit.


If you live in California and don't mind a bit of a drive, then LEGOLAND in Carslbad is the perfect day or weekend trip with your grandkids. It's a big amusement park designed in the style of LEGO blocks, and there's a splash park as well for when the day starts to heat up. If you want to make it a multi-day excursion, LEGOLAND also offers accommodations right on the premises.