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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for an Assisted Living Resident

By Christina2 - June 6, 2014

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We’ve done away with traditional Father’s Day gift items like cufflinks and ties, and compiled a list of gifts that any father would love. And to make it even more specific, this list of Father’s Day gifts would be entirely appropriate for an assisted living resident. This doesn’t mean that we’ve selected items that have an entirely practical use, but also ones that fathers would just plain enjoy having around.

The Godfather Classic Quotes Book

The Godfather is one of those classic movies that almost everyone has seen, and has no shortage of memorable quotes and scenes. Whether your father loves the original, sequel or third movie is entirely up to him, but this book takes quotes from the first. It’s an instant way for fathers to relive one of the world’s greatest movies, and let him put on an Italian accent as he delves into various characters. Some of the book’s best lines? “Leave the gun. Take the cannolis”, and “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”. Bonus: the hardcover book comes with stills from the movies, too.

Tripod Seat Stick

Your father may be living in an assisted living facility, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t get outside and enjoy nature. It does, however, mean that he may need a bit more support than you or I, and the tripod seat stick comes in handy. Instead of requiring your father to take both a can and chair with him when he joins you, the tripod seat stick does double duty. It comes with three legs and a foldout seat, with the seat neatly out of the way when in stick mode. And because it’s made of aluminum, this fantastic Father’s Day gift idea is lightweight and easy to carry.

Doorknob Grips

Just as with trying to open cans and jars, seniors can have a bit of a rough time with doorknobs. They can feel slippery, making it hard to get a grip on them enough to turn them. Luckily this set of two doorknob grips come as rubber cap slips that fit right on doorknobs, making it easier to open doors. They also come with glow-in-the-dark inserts, so your father can see the doorknobs to open them at any time of day.

Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager

When seniors age, they get aches and pains that younger adults don’t. But to go along with that are creaky joints, making it more difficult to get into a comfortable position. That’s no problem with this 5-speed cordless massager, which features an unlimited reach your father can use to access all his knots. It runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, is encased in a lightweight aluminum, and comes with two handles for ease of use. It’s hard to think of a more luxurious Father’s Day gift idea than this one.

Leather 6-Pack Holder

Just because your father lives in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to crack open a cold one every now and then. This Father’s Day gift idea adds an elegant touch to that, hand-crafted with masonite and leather. Each bottle holder comes with two straps — one upper and one lower — to hold the bottles snugly in place, as well as a bottom to keep them from slipping out. There’s also a centerboard with a grip, and the whole holder is rain-resistant.

Personalized Photo Books

Your father’s generation is the one to take actual pictures and store them in albums, not upload them to Facebook or Instagram. It’s a way of keeping memories intact and reliving all the experiences of the past, and you can add a personal touch to this album. All you have to do is select photos in iPhoto, click “share”, add in captions, and watch as one of the most touching gifts you can create comes to life. The photo books are available as hardcover or softcover, and in a variety of sizes. Tip: if you get the hardcover book, it comes with a photo-wrapped cover, matching dust jacket, and protective sleeve.