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As people get older, the quality of their lives is hugely affected by their age

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - April 21, 2011

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Once a person has retired, it is hard for them to come to terms with their health problems and the fact that they require constant assistance during their everyday lives. Assisted Living is a great solution for such people. Usually confused with nursing homes, Assisted Living is a cheaper and more convenient option and is more like a dorm room or shared living apartments rather than a hospital.

An assisted living facility can be of different types. Some facilities are designed like apartment buildings where hundreds of people can live at the same time in their own separate apartments. Other facilities could even be a single house for a single person. The sizes and services of these Assisted Living homes vary largely and can be chosen as to a person's own preference.

Most Assisted Living facilities provide the residents with basic assistance like cleaning services, food services, grocery services and medical services. These facilities are for people who do not require the full medical attention that a nursing home offers but still require a certain amount of assistance with their day to day tasks. While the facilities might not have medical personnel on duty at all times, they will still have trained staff on duty around the clock, who can be called for assistance at any time a resident needs. The medical personnel take care of each resident's medical needs by administering their medication and being there for any medical emergencies if needed.

While the living quarters, bathrooms and kitchens in Assisted Living facilities are usually individual, there is almost always a common living area where all the residents of the community can get together to socialize and spend time. This serves as a great benefit for people suffering from feelings of loneliness and deters the idea that a person living in an Assisted Living facility has been shunned from society. The residents of such facilities have complete independence and do not have to follow any strict schedules or plans given to them by the facility.

Assisted Living facilities, unlike nursing homes, offer the residents complete freedom and privacy. Family members can come and visit any time while the residents are free to do whatever they want. As each person lives in separate apartments and the facility personnel only intervene when called upon, a resident has complete privacy.

Many of the Assisted Living facilities understand the mental state of the residents and develop many special programs and activities to keep them active and happy. Many of these facilities have been known to organize special classes and outings for their residents while a staff member is always there to talk to them and keep them company.

If you want a lifestyle where you are given every type of assistance you need but do not have to compromise on your dignity or privacy, an Assisted Living facility is waiting for you. With various types of facilities in existence, there is bound to be one that suits your exact specifications listed on LivingSenior.com.