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Age is Nothing but a Number

By Jan Bolder - May 6, 2014

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People who haven't yet reached their senior years sometimes imagine that time as a period when they've lost the best part of themselves, but that's most definitely not the case. Age only matters as much as you make of it, and there are a sizeable group of seniors who not only believe that, but live it as well. And recently, British charity Age UK put out a PSA saying the very same thing. Watch the video below.

Love Later Life

Age UK

This charity works with seniors on just about every issue: finances, home care, health and wellbeing, travel and lifestyle, and work and learning. On their website, they say "gowing older doesn’t come with a manual", and offer valuable resources to help seniors adjust and thrive in their golden years. As well as offering products and services, they also publish fact and advice sheets, all designed to assist seniors in whatever way they can. In their own words, "Age UK is the only UK charity to focus research funds exclusively on later life."

But their PSA has to be one of the winningest things they've done so far, as the one-minute video perfectly captures what it means to age: "There is no cure for aging, because aging isn't an illness," the voiceover says, "but a way of life." It's exactly how aging should be thought of in today's society, but isn't always. With rare exceptions, all of us will get to be seniors and go through the same changes and adjustments.

And yet, seniordom is often treated like a far-off time in people's lives where inhabitants should be kept at an arm's length, which doesn't make a lot of sense at all. Seniors, having lived the longest out of any demographic, have usually learned and experienced the most of any of us, making them a valuable resource to have around. Their value isn't always reciprocated, though, which is why Age UK and their PSA is so very needed.

While many seniors may know what they have to offer the world, they still need reassurance from them, too. And even if seniors are okay with this, it still doesn't hurt to be told they matter.

Because when enough seniors know they matter and that there's nothing wrong with aging, they create stuff like this: