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7 Things that Get Better as You Get Older

By Jan Bolder - April 23, 2014

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Getting older isn't about comparing whose joints are more arthritic or devoting coffee time with your friends to talking about who's on what medications. There are plenty of things that need time to mature, and here's the list of everything that's far better in its golden years than its infancy.

1. Sex

Compared to your teenage years when sex was an awkward, fumbling affair, sex as a senior is comfortable, familiar and contains more depth. If you've been with the same partner for a while, then you both know each other's bodies inside out and can focus on the other elements that contribute to a healthy sexual relationship, like love and intimacy. One potential pitfall is over-familiarity, but the way to tackle that is using your years of relationship to keep it spiced up.

2. Confidence

A big part of getting older is just being able to recognize patterns more and more quickly. As you do that, you're not as nervous in new situations because you've seen them before and have years of experience to rely upon. You know what to say and do a lot more than when you were younger, and this confidence is something that just can't be rushed.

3. Family Time

Young people are in a big hurry to explore the world and discover their own identities, but seniors have already gotten that out of the way. And now, as you age, you realize the most important thing in life is being surrounded by people you love and who love you. More often than not, those people are your family, those who have seen you at your best and worst and still enjoy your company.

4. Discounts

There's a reward waiting for you when you turn 65, and that's not having to pay full price at a lot of places anymore. Whether you want to use the senior discount on traveling and vacations or just enjoy it closer to home, like at the movies and supermarket, society gives you a big thumb's up and keeps your wallet fuller.

5. Wisdom

Seniors have the distinct advantage of accumulating a lifetime's worth of memories and information, which means you're far better at making judgement calls, perceiving situations and seeing the whole picture than younger adults. Along with gaining wisdom, you also have the understanding to see that not everyone else is at the same level, and can show patience at letting them catch up.

6. Socializing

For one, you just have the time to socialize better, as you don't have to co-ordinate jobs, meetings, family demands, or any of the other things that make socializing tougher when you're younger. And for another, you're content to just see another person instead of having to dress up socializing in expensive activities around town. The conversation is good enough on its own.

7. Body Image

You won't be winning a Miss America competition anytime soon, but you're okay with that for a number of reasons: you don't feel the need to seek validation based on physical appearance, you're more aware of your body than the entrants, and you appreciate that you have a body that's lasted you an entire lifetime. And besides, those swimsuits just aren't as comfortable as everyone makes them out to be.