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6 Best Places to Retire Abroad

By Christina2 - March 27, 2014

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When it comes to retirement, the world is literally a senior's oyster. There's no shortage of places to live in, and it just comes down to choice. Here are some of the best, arranged by factors like climate, activity, entertainment, travel and cost efficiency.


New Zealand: With its southern tip only 3,092 miles away from Antarctica, New Zealand has a little something for the every aspect of the adventure-seeking senior's personality. There's dry Christchurch and wet Auckland, snow in the South Island and almost none in the northern portion of the North Island, and greenery everywhere. And with a combination of mountains and beaches, seniors can—if they have the endurance—drive from one to the other and enjoy an ocean sunset after a morning hike.


Costa Rica: Environmentalism is a strong point in this country, with the abundance of flora and fauna providing something gorgeous to look at everywhere. All a senior has to do is set up a picnic anywhere within 19,653 square miles, and it'll be an experience to remember. Plus, Poás Volcano Crater never gets old no matter how many times it's visited.


Croatia: In Eastern Europe, travel is not only extremely cheap, but it's also really fast, frequent, and widespread. That is, of course, if retired seniors ever get tired of seeing the historical sites of Croatia. It was first set up in the eighth century, and the architecture is maintained to reflect that. To get a sense of other Eastern European countries with similar histories, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria border it, and Italy is just across the Adriatic Sea.


There are two different ways of looking at this, seasonal and not.

Ireland: This charming country technically gets four seasons, but its record low was -2.4. It does tend to be a little rainy and windy, but it's a hugely cultural break away from America with a similar climate.

Spain: Reino de España is filled with mile-long beaches everywhere you turn your head, with colorful buildings dotting them in between. The weather is hot, dry and sunny, but has mountains to offer a reprieve from the heat, too.


France: There is arguably no other place on earth that can compare with the culture and entertainment that France contains, as just walking down the Champs-Élysées is an event unto itself. The country is regal and haughty, but only because it has world class entertainment of all kinds in every corner: theater, opera, football, cycling, music, cinema and everything else.

Dollar Savings

Panama: There's just about no contest here for cheapest place to retire as Panama takes the top spot in this category. Seniors need at least $1,000/month in pension to get a visa, or have a local bank account with $5,000 in a local bank account and either buy a place, buy a business or work to get their hands on a Friends of Panama visa. One thing to watch out for: when venturing outside of Panama City, the roads aren't in the best condition.