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6 Best Movies Focused on Seniors (Hint: "Coccoon" Doesn't Even Come Close to Making Our List)

By Jan Bolder - May 20, 2014

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Movies about seniors aren't exactly a hot point in Hollywood, even though seniors comprise 12.4% of the country's population. The rise in baby boomers has meant that seniors will soon be the overwhelmingly dominant demographic, and Hollywood has done little in the way to acknowledge this. However, of the movies made about seniors, there are a number of excellent ones, and we take a look at the ones that have made this list.


This heartbreaking tale looks at a French couple, both of whom are former music teachers. One day, Georges arrives at the frightening realization that his wife, Anne, is slipping away from him and he makes the tough choice to keep her in their home as long as possible. At his age, it's no easy task, especially when Anne continues to get worse and worse. By the end, the effect of Anne's decline — and demise — has a powerful effect on Georges and an even stronger one on the viewer.

Away from Her

In 2001, Canadian short story writer Alice Munro published a book called Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, with one particular title sticking out for Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley: "The Bear Came over the Mountain". She was so moved by the story she turned it into a film in 2006, bringing to life the story of a couple who must deal with the woman's onset of Alzheimer's. It was her first time directing a movie and parts of it are a bit clunky, but the overall film is sad, honest and beautiful.

Calendar Girls

Not every senior movie has to be down-in-the-dumps sad, and this movie highlights that perfectly. It features a group of women in Yorkshire who posed nude for a calendar to raise money. They took the old adage "sex sells" and flipped it on its head, showing that even though people age and don't look the same as their younger selves, they can still be sexy, too.

Fried Green Tomatoes

This is the kind of movie where if you haven't seen it, you've at least heard of it and likely have a basic understanding of what it's about. Evelyn befriends the elderly Ninny at a nursing home, and they bond over Ninny's tale of a 1920s woman named Idgie. Much of the movie centers around Idgie's story, but throughout it, Evelyn takes important note from Idgie's life and applies it to her own.


The famous British writer got Alzheimer's, as do so many other seniors, but what makes her story stand out is that her husband, John Bayley, wrote one of the loveliest elegies about her. He chronicles almost everything about their lives, from how and when they met to how Alzheimer's stripped away her personality. And in 2001, his book was turned into a movie, with Dame Judi Dench play the titular role and Jim Broadbent as her husband.

On Golden Pond

Father and daughter Henry and Jane Fonda teamed up to make one of the most emotional movies ever. It's a common misnomer that the two bickered constantly and weren't close to each other, as they actually were and only counted two major conflicts in their lives. What makes this movie a standout — besides two top-quality actors teaming up with Katharine Hepburn — is how emotionally deep everyone was willing to get. End result? A total of 10 Academy Award nominations, resulting in three wins.