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5 Ways to Determine if Senior Retirement Apartments are an Option

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - October 28, 2013

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Is the Senior Able to Live On Their Own?

Even though seniors may be entirely self-sufficient and prepared to live in a retirement community, it doesn’t always mean that they should. From an emotional perspective, do you feel as if your loved one is ready? Are they more prone to become depressed and frustrated if they are away from family members or more distant from your household? It can be very difficult to adjust from working to retirement and from a household to a retirement community.

Is Assisted Living Care Not An Option?

It’s important to think about how much your loved one is truly capable of. Even though they might consider themselves to be independent, it’s likely that you have noticed a few times where they needed to have a little extra help to accomplish some tasks. You need to truly ask yourself if they would be more suited for an assisted living care home or a senior retirement apartment complex instead. Although it seems like a harsh consideration, it’s always better to consider this first before making the mistake of putting a senior in a retirement community where they are not able to take care of themselves correctly.

Can Retirement Apartments Be Afforded By The Senior?

Is this going to be an option that your loved one is going to be able to afford on their own? Is it going to be difficult for both of you to fund their decision to live at the retirement complex? If it seems as if it would be too much of a challenge to handle this aspect, it may be more frugal and reasonable for your loved one to live at home with you after retirement instead of going to an apartment complex.

Is The Senior Completely Self-Sufficient?

A retirement apartment setting is best for a loved one that is completely self-sufficient. This would be defined as a senior that would be able to take care of themselves easily on their own, have adequate transportation, no issues with memory loss, and not any difficulty in managing their own medical conditions. However, if your loved one isn’t able to handle these things and needs a little assistance, it may be better for them to look for a different option instead.

Would The Senior Be More Comfortable At Home?

Even though your loved one might be considering a senior retirement home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to live there. A lot of times, seniors consider these options because they’re not sure if they would be completely welcome back at home after their retirement. However, most seniors would prefer to be at home with their families.