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5 Places Single Seniors Can Meet other Singles

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - January 17, 2013

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If you’re a senior and also single, it might feel like you will never find love. However there are actually many different places you can meet other seniors who are single in your own community. The best way to find a senior single is going to places you’re also interested in as you already know you have mutual interests.

Taking Classes

If you want to expand your education, take art or fitness classes, you can meet other seniors who might also be single. This is a great way to continue being an active senior and meet others in your community. Exercise and fitness classes are readily available for seniors as are more specialty classes such as art or other interests you might have. For educational classes to meet single seniors, try your local adult school or community college.

Hobby-Related Events

Do you enjoy a particular hobby? If you have any special interests, become active in your community by participating in similar events and you might be surprised by how many other seniors you find. Whether it is joining an archeology or botany club in your town, playing board games or singing karaoke at your local senior recreation center, or bringing your sketchbook to a local coffee shop, you will be surprised by how many like-minded individuals you can meet.

Senior Meet-up Groups

There are also many different groups, clubs and organizations in your community that will be specifically for seniors. This is one of the best ways to meet other seniors and most often, single seniors. Join your community events and meet-up groups. Some are for all seniors while other groups are interest-specific such as for musicians, artists, fitness or exercise-inspired seniors or those who enjoy traveling.


You can also help out your community while also meeting other single seniors by volunteering. Many different volunteering organizations cater to seniors who are hoping to help out their community such as at a local soup kitchen, police department, consignment shop or other businesses and organizations that might need help. Finding a volunteer opportunity where other seniors frequent is a great place to meet single seniors.

Singles Cruise

Singles cruises aren’t just for people in their 20s and 30s; all ages tend to go on singles cruises and meet interesting people. Locate a singles cruise you’re interested in going on, have a fun vacation and meet singles at the same time. Try to find a singles cruise that is open to all different ages or even those meant for baby boomers and seniors, which is also common. You can enjoy a fun week or two on a cruise to a beautiful island while also meeting exciting and interesting single seniors.