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4 Hilarious Caregiver Mishaps

By Jan Bolder - April 27, 2014

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Caregivers enter into their profession because they have a deep desire to help others with some of life's most elemental tasks. They willingly give themselves over to the aid of others, digging deep into themselves to provide the best level of care possible. Often times, these efforts result in a spectacular job that most people can't comprehend, strengthening the bond between caregiver and senior to that of family. But other times, the end picture isn't quite in line with all the work that went into it. We'll take a look at some of the funniest situations where caregivers can't help but sit back and laugh at what happened.

Cooking Mishaps

Meal preparation may not be in every caregiver's job description, but for many, it is. And though not every caregiver has the cooking ability to host their own show, most can put a few food items together reasonably well. However, the 37 people in this link aren't quite in the same category. For them, food preparation seems to be a science as far out of reach as conquering string theory in physics. Even something as baking cookies or cooking a pizza is met with disastrous results. And for person #25 on the list, someone should really tell them that eggs should never be "cooked" in a microwave.

Cleaning Mishaps

In this video, the man demonstrates some of the most common ways cleaning mishaps can happen. It may be a commercial, but it points to all sorts of traps and hazards in the home caregivers have to contend with, such as loose stair rugs, precariously balanced breakables, and long curtains just begging to be vacuumed up. These sorts of things may not happen on a regular basis, but they're definitely things caregivers have to watch out for. However, it seems as though the people in this video have managed to turn cleaning into a very fun activity.

Mobility Scooter Mishap

A good caregiver knows part of the job is to preserve quality of life for seniors, and one way of doing that is accompanying them on errands around town. But as seen in this video, sometimes seniors can be a little too eager to get from Point A to Point B.

Animal Mishaps

Pets are ideal companions for seniors because they provide unconditional love, are ready for attention without needing to schedule it in, only ask for food and exercise in return. Not all caregivers who assist seniors are able or equipped to deal with pets, but the ones who do could only wish for an animal mishap like in this video.