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$20 Million Assisted Living Facility Planned

By Daniel @ LivingSenior - July 22, 2013

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A Western Massachusetts developer has announced that they will begin work on a $20 million assisted independent living and Alzheimer’s facility within the next month. It will be located at the former Winthrop Community Hospital within the area. The goal is to gut the former hospital and transform it into a senior residential community that will be known as the Arbors in the area. The 100,000 square foot building has been vacant over a decade and would be welcome to providing living space for many seniors within the area, especially those who are thought to need it the most due to their struggles with memory loss.

The building will feature 53 assisted living apartments, 17 independent living apartments, and 20 memory care apartments for those who have Alzheimer’s disease. The new facility is planning on being opened during September 2014. There are many who are happy about the announcement because it means a higher quality of care and more opportunities for care for seniors in the area who have been struggling to receive treatment and suitable living conditions. The assisted living facility would provide them with the top of the line in a range of numerous options and amenities to make their lives easier.

Many new assisted living facilities feature elements and amenities that truly set them apart from the rest. These features make the location feel more like a home instead of an assisted living facility for monitored care and treatment. As a result, the seniors who live in these locations are more likely to be happy and feel as if they are living independently. They are less likely to want to go back to living at home with their family or try to figure out ways to transfer to other locations. It is a good spot where families can feel comfortable with having their loved one spend the rest of their golden years without having to worry if they are being treated correctly or gaining enough attention needed based on their condition.

The new facility is also great for improving the economy within the area. The assisted living and senior care industry is doing fairly well in terms of the economy because most locations are preparing for a large amount of new residents. The parents of the decade of the baby boomers are reaching an age where they need to consider settling down into an assisted living home in order to ensure they have proper care. Although some facilities are already preparing for the baby boomers themselves, there are lot who argue that this will not be suitable as their generation will require completely different forms of amenities and treatment.

Ultimately, the new facility has been the source of conversation and hope for many seniors within the area. It is also a prospective option for families who are seeking to find a more suitable living arrangement for an older loved one who could use some additional attention and help.