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A perfect retirement. That is the goal we all strive for throughout most of our lives. As we approach the retirement age we should look forward to the best quality of life when it comes to senior care, as a reward for all of our life’s hard work. Even if certain physical or mental challenges present themselves there is no reason why we, or our elder loved ones, should compromise quality of living. LivingSenior connects you to a vast network of senior living options, for you to research and explore.
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In-Home Care
Sometimes staying at home is the best medicine. For seniors who require assistance with day to day activities but can still stay in their own living environment, in home care is a viable and affordable choice. LivingSenior resources explains the benefits of in-home care and provides helpful information about picking the best in-home care specialist for your loved one. Whether they need custodial care for dressing, bathing or getting out of bed in-home care can offer the assistance and provide a new friend for life. Read More
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Assisted Living
Assisted living is a wonderful option for senior care that combines the independent lifestyle of a retirement community with the around-the-clock medical and custodial assistance of a nursing home. LivingSenior helps you understand what the typical assisted living environment is like. At assisted living facilities, seniors live in their own apartments, have their meals served up in a community dining room and are presented with a wide variety of social activities to enroll in. They are also never far from a qualified medical staff to help them in any situation. Read More
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Care Homes
If your senior loved one requires specialize assistance but prefers a more sedate setting, then a residential care home might be the best place for them. These are smaller groups of seniors who share the same home with their trained medical staff. All their needs are taken care of from fresh cooked meals to prescription medicine supervision. LivingSenior offers a state by state guide to the care homes in your own community. Read More

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Recent Elder News
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Retirement Communities
Ready to live out your golden years in style and comfort? LivingSenior offers a comprehensive guide to retirement communities throughout the country. Just because you live in the chilly northeast doesn’t mean you can’t retire to the sunny west. Which retirement communities offer the best tax incentives? Where will you be provided with luxury amenities such as championship golf or spa care? Find out with the LivingSenior retirement communities guide. Read More
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Search Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes
When the need of long-term medical care is required of your senior loved one, then making the transition into a nursing home could be the solution. Thanks to improvements in the quality of care, today’s nursing homes are vibrant and active centers. For those seniors who might be facing the challenges of dementia, staying in a nursing home means they will never be alone and will always be well taken care of. LivingSenior shows you where the nursing homes are in your state, how to pick the best facility and what your options for payment are. Read More
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Search Hospice Care
Hospice Care
End of life decisions is something we will all have to eventually face. In those times when the final stages of a person’s life needs to be cared for then hospice is a perfect option. The resources on LivingSenior explain the benefits of hospice care for your loved one and your family. Hospice provides a peaceful atmosphere to say good-bye. Read More
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Search Memory Care
Memory Care
Memory Care is assisted living for seniors experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. While many residents are in good physical health, they often need help with daily activities due to a sense of confusion. Read More
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Search Memory Care
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LivingSenior is a senior care service. We are focused on helping families with aging parents find the best senior care solution. Our goal is to meet your loved one's unique needs, whether that is in-home care, assisted living, a nursing home, memory care, or a retirement community.
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